Check Out the Article we did with “The Best Athlete to Turn Around Your Mood”  Winner Miguel   GAME DAY!!! (Morning Classes:) 15 Min Establish: 10 Rep Walking Lunge WOD 4 Rds: 12 Pull Ups 12 DB Shoulder to Overhead 45/30# 12 DB Hang Power Cleans 45/30# *15 Min Cap*

Skill 10 Min to Practice: Muscle Ups / Toes to Bar Strength 16 Min to Work Up: 5 Rep Overhead Squat WOD 9 Min AMRAP: 9 Toes to Bar 9 OHS 95/65# 3-2-1…GO!!

  Well,it’s that time of year again where most people begin thinking about the goals they would like to achieve when the new year hits and the slate is wiped clean. In our line of work we know that improving ones health is at the top of many peoples new years resolutions which is why […]