CrossFit 061 Works To Make Your Student Athlete Even Better


It takes a lot of commitment to gain strength. It takes plenty of time and effort, too.

Are you ready?

When you’re a high school athlete, achieving your goals is what you dream about every day. Take those dreams and apply yourself through our student athlete training programs. This type of strength training focuses on you – where you’re at and where you want to be – and it begins at the level that’s right for you. From day 1 through the course of your intense training, you’ll be able to see the positive effects of it, and your athletic performance will be enhanced.

Time off the playing field is the perfect opportunity to step up your game. While others may decide to relax and catch up on their favorite TV shows, you’re determined to kick your athletic abilities up a notch. And you don’t have to try to figure out how to make improvements all by yourself.

At CrossFit 061, we’re here to guide you, and you’ll be able to see results during competition. You’ll feel great, whether it’s game day or not. Work out the right way with our athlete strength training programs. We’re just dedicated as you are in helping you achieve your goals.

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