CrossFit 061 Athlete Prep Program

Student athletes train often…sometimes multiple times per day. But are they training properly? Do they overdo it and face painful injuries due to lack of correct techniques? You don’t want to hurt yourself over time by working out the wrong way (or let’s be honest, you want to avoid any and all injuries, in general), so our Student Athlete Training at CrossFit 061 is here to guide you through focused workouts that’ll give you improved results. You’ll be stepping up your game the right way, with proper exercise sessions designed to increase your stamina. You want strength, too, and you need to make sure no part of your body is neglected. Our Athlete Prep Program will help you develop the overall strength you need, and guided conditioning will improve your speed as well.

We want to help you achieve your athletic goals, and we’ll view your training over time. You’ll learn to adapt to new ways of exercising, and you’ll see results when you stick with it. And we’ll be right here to push you to compete at your highest level. Whether you’re just starting out as a student athlete, or you’re on the Varsity team with big dreams in mind, the CrossFit 061 Athlete Prep Program will assist you in achieving the physical power you need, which will improve your performance during competitions.

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