Let’s face it – your kids have a LOT of energy. Our CrossFit Kids programs provide your children with a fun environment where they can burn off some of that energy, while learning about exercise, too. CrossFit 061 has two programs for you to choose from, and they’re offered twice per week (Tuesday/Thursday) to give your schedule a little more flexibility. You’ll have the freedom to pick which day works best for your little ones, and you can even come to both classes if you’d like.

Here are our 5-week CrossFit Kid sessions:

CF Pre-K
:  Preschool kids and kindergarteners ages 3-6 are introduced to CrossFit concepts in this exciting class. The fitness course incorporates a play-based curriculum that’s specifically geared toward teaching your children to think of exercise as FUN. Just like how you first started out, they’ll learn the very basic foundations of functional CrossFit movements. We want to prevent injuries and build a solid platform of exercise knowledge, and this class is designed to teach age-appropriate developmental motor skills as well. Your children probably won’t be bench pressing more than you, but they’ll have fun discovering what CrossFit is all about.

CFK:  This is a CrossFit course that’s been mapped out for ages 7-12. It builds on the exercise foundation of FUN that’s introduced in the above class. Your child, or children, will be taught additional auxiliary movements to expand their knowledge of the CrossFit foundation. The time frame of this exercise class extends more than the Pre-K class…this helps to accommodate the developing abilities of children in grades K-6. Development the goal of the CrossFit Kids program, and improvement is, too. General physical fitness will prepare your kids to be safe in sports, as well as in life. Increased physical activities in this CFK session will give your child a good workout, and the central focus is on FUN.