If you could become a professional athlete in a day, of course you’d go for it. Since we know that’s highly unlikely, that’s where CrossFit comes into the scene. You’ve either started your fitness journey and are already enjoying the results, or you’re about to embark on changing your lifestyle for good, and we’re here to help you get to where you want to be. Our program is for anyone – athletes and beginners alike.

Through our instruction and motivation, CrossFit will assist you in training for life. Not just for a couple weeks in January every year, not to quickly get into “good enough” shape for hitting the beach a few times, but to improve yourself for the long haul.

CrossFit is strength and conditioning, and it incorporates a physical exercise philosophy. It can be viewed as a competitive fitness sport, and WOD (workout of the day) programs promote a well-balanced mix of metabolic conditioning, skill, and strength and endurance training. Our classes have a specific structure designed to provide you with the intense workouts your body wants. The Crossfit Elements class involves appropriate warm-ups, applications of a variety of stretches and holds intended to push you, as well as heart-pumping training exercises followed by necessary cool downs.

The Intro course takes you through a goal-setting workshop and 4 introductory classes, so you’ll continue to feel the burn and see your progress at the same time. Beginners will delve right into the intensity as they get going right off the bat, and seasoned athletes will perform at a higher level than they thought possible.