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Photo: before his CrossFit Journey Began     Photo: Start of our 60 day challenge and the last day of challenge.

Anthony has been a member of CrossFit 061 since he completed our Elements program in April of 2014. Both he and his wife are fantastic people whom I have had the opportunity to work with in regards to their nutrition. Anthony has made great achievements including recently getting his bar and ring muscle ups and completing his First CrossFit Open.

Here is his testimonial after completing a 60 day nutrition challenge.

Before CrossFit my exercise was mostly group classes or spinning for endurance. I  never really  followed a “Diet” or “Eating Plan” for more than a week which meant I ate what I wanted which also landed me on cholesterol medicine from age 26-32.

When I was at my heaviest I fell skiing which lead to a Discectomy of my lower back. One year after the surgery and basically hardly any exercise,  I decided it was time to get in shape. I returned and did about a year and a half of spinning and regular workout classes and then In May of 2014 I decided to join Crossfit 061.

When I started I was all in but very worried about my back. I had to learn to trust myself and trust my coaches. Once I started I thought I could workout hard enough that my nutrition did not matter and fall into my usual pattern. After about 7 months I knew I needed to address my nutrition.  In January we stared a 60 day challenge  at the gym where we followed a  No Sugar, No Grains, No Alcohol diet and shifted our nutrient timing up a bit.  It was really hard for me for about the first 2-3 weeks but I am happy to report that now, its just the way I fuel my body. I had my labs drawn again in February and my numbers improved to where I no longer need  cholesterol medicine. I have learned to eat to fuel my body vs eating for pleasure and my taste have changed to widen the types of foods I eat.  This was a 60 day challenge that has turned into a lifestyle and I can’t wait to see what this looks like a year from now.

60 day Transformation:

down 14 lbs and 6 inches




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