CrossFit 061 Mission


CrossFit 061- Forging Elite Fitness in Northern Indiana. This is our mission. Our goal is to meet
the training needs of every member through our programs and coaching so every member improves every day because we train for life, not looks, by specializing in group fitness training and instruction.

We are a group of friendly, knowledgeable, trained, experienced CrossFit coaches who work to help people achieve their physical potential through CrossFit principles, small group coaching and hard work.

We want you to get better every day by reaching your fitness and health goals. We train people of all fitness levels. Although fitness levels vary, we know that everyone’s goal is the same- to improve. Everyone trains using the same functional movements and the load and intensity are scaled to accommodate all fitness levels.

CrossFit 061 WODs are designed to help you achieve total fitness by ensuring you are working your whole body so you get stronger and more physically fit. What that means is that you are going to improve your cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, power, speed, coordination, flexibility, strength, agility, accuracy and balance when you are a member of CrossFit 061 in Granger, Indiana.

This is not a fitness club so you won’t find mirrors on the wall. At CrossFit 061 you will have a coach close by to help you with the execution of a movement. We don’t use machines. Your body is the machine. We use pushing prowlers, pulling sleds, kettlebells, boxes, bands, weights and pull up bars to teach you real functional movements that will aid you in your life. Members don’t join CrossFit 061 to get access to equipment like they would if they joined a health club. Instead, members join to access world-class instruction, motivation and leadership.

Our CrossFit coaches are certified, knowledgeable and motivated. We learned that fostering camaraderie, competition and fun will create an intensity that cannot be matched. We are always looking for people that are ready to improve every day.

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