Well,it’s that time of year again where most people begin thinking about the goals they would like to achieve when the new year hits and the slate is wiped clean. In our line of work we know that improving ones health is at the top of many peoples new years resolutions which is why our lead nutrition coach Chelssie Urankar has put a lot of time into creating what will now serve as our annual nutrition challenge.  We are excited to offer you the opportunity to take part in our 12 week nutrition challenge that takes into account the 4 pillars of health the way we see it. Nutrition, exercise, sleep & stress management. We think shutterstock_62795851you all will be excited about it too! Not only will this challenge provide you accountability, you will also gain education around nutrition and be given one on one assistance with the help of Chelssie as your personal nutrition coach. We hope you decide to join along and make this the year you decide to view your health and wellness as a top priority.


Who is the challenge for? 
We realize that everyones goals are different & this challenge can be utilized to match with your goals. For some, they want to gain strength, lose weight, change body composition or learn to utilize nutrition to reduce inflammation and  clean up their everyday eating habits. I believe all of these  goals can be achieved when you partner proper nutrition with proper exercise and receive the proper amount of support. At CrossFit 061, we have the experience and knowledge to offer you all of the above. Chelssie has had great success with the clients she has worked with over the past few years achieve their nutritional goals while Coach Nick is a 2x’s CrossFit Games & Professional GRID Athlete and does an exceptional job with our CrossFit programming.

In this challenge you will be able to earn points by following the nutritional plan provided to you, showing up for work outs, prioritizing sleep & even earn bonus points by drinking proper amounts of water and including meditation as part of your daily routine.

This isn’t a Paleo only challenge as we understand there are performance benefits to eating some of the non paleo food items which is why this challenge will be customized for you, and points will be awarded accordingly.

Each participant will be provided with a macronutrient outline and a list of available food options. For those who wish to follow a strict paleo diet they may do so, while for those who choose to eat a more dense carbohydrate diet or allow dairy into their daily meals they will be provided a list of additional recommended sources to choose from. The way in which you earn, lose & track your points will be discussed in detail at our info meetings which is being held on December 29th @ 6:15pm.


When does the Challenge Start?

Jan 11th – April 3rd


Cost: $75 a month, for 3 months

(Charged Jan 11th, Feb 11th & March 11th)


What you get:

Personal Nutrition coaching from coach Chelssie which includes a personal macro outline, Weekly food journal review. The journal will be provided, and unlimited E mail questions. In addition to your  food journal, Chelssie has created a point tracking chart to easily keep track of your daily & weekly points.

Each week, Coach Chelssie will send out a mass E mail to the group. These may come in the form of Video, cooking demos or information/ written such as recipes, tips on meal prep, saving money while shopping ect.

6 group in house Q&A sessions ( 1 every 2 weeks) this is a time to come together and ask questions face to face and in a group setting.

an outline of approved food items

access to our online private Facebook Group. This is a place for you to offer others ideas, recipes, meal recommendations and provide words of encouragement to one another.

What are you responsible for?
You will need to provide Photos, measurements & weight at the start of each month. These will be sent to your Coach by or on January 11th, February 11th, March 11th, and a Final photo on April 3rd.


Each will be a set of 3 photos. 1 from the front, one from the side, and one from the back. Please we wear the same clothing, be in the same lighting and try to take them at the same time of day in the same pose.

taken at the following spots:

Waist: in the center of your belly button
Hips: around the center of your rear and outside of hips
Arms: around the largest part of your bicep, with your arm laying relaxed by your side
Quad: around the largest part of your upper thigh, with your leg standing in a non flexed position.

having your food journal at CrossFit 061 for Coach Chelssie to Review on a weekly basis in order for her to check compliance & make notes where necessary. We ask that you leave the Journal on a consistent day each week that works for you. We promise you that the journal will be returned to you within 24hrs. We will have a place dedicated for Journal drop off & pick up.


*You are responsible for completing a Baseline fitness score & exiting fitness score.

The baseline will be a test that is 21 minutes long and includes the following: This will be a Programmed Class WOD but you will need to video.

12 minutes of CYNDI: 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 air squats
8 minutes to establish a 2 rep back squat
3) 1 minute max Burpees


What’s in it for you?
Besides getting a hold of your fitness and nutrition at the start of the year and setting yourself up with the tools to remain successful, we will be awarding prizes at the end of the challenge based on your compliance to the program via point system, as well as overall body composition changes through use of pictures, weight and measurement. And the improvement of your baseline fitness score.

The person who has achieved the most points at the end of the challenge will win their money back, a bag of SFH Recovery Protein, 1 bottle of SFH Fish oil/ D3, 1 Personal training session with Nick and 1 free month at CrossFit 061.
Total Prize package valued at $530.


How do you sign up?

Email chelssie at chelssie@crossfit061.com and let her know wish to enroll or contact us at 574-243-0061. She will charge your card the initial payment of $75. This will act as your non refundable deposit & serve as your first months payment.

Dates to Remember:

Not sure you are ready to commit? The deadline for registration in January 4th & you are invited to attend an info session on December 29th @ 6:15pm.  We will also have an official “Kick Off meeting” January 7th at 6:15 where you will be given your food journal and your personal nutrition profile.


Please feel free to send and additional questions to Chelssie at Chelssie@crossfit061.com



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