January 6th – April 5th

Buy in $60 ( Must be registered through Front Desk  by Jan 1st )

Participants will be divided into equal teams.

Team RED: Tara

Team BLUE: Nick

Team BLACK: Chelssie

All Participants will draw a number from a hat; the number that you choose will give you the order in which you will pick your coach.  Once a particular team is filled up, you must go with your second choice.

Your coach will offer you support during these 90 Days through with things such as group e mails, nutrition meetings and answering any questions regarding nutrition you may have. As a Team you may want to get together on the side to offer moral support and keep all of your teammates on their toes. Although this is an individual contest, we have placed you into teams to better assist you all achieve your goals with more individualized attention from your coach.

There will be 1 Male and 1 Female winner, the prize $$ will be based on the amount of people who sign up which means the more who sign up, the bigger the pot!

How will we determine the winner?

  1. You will be required to perform 2 WOD’s at the start of the challenge and repeat again at the close of the challenge, we will be looking for the Most Improved on this performance. PS: No room for sandbagging, your coaches around here know what you are capable of 😉
  2. We will be taking before and after pictures/measurements which will play a role in determining the biggest transformation.
  3. Peer voting will be the 3rd component; this is where all those who have competed in this challenge get to place their individual vote for any person other than themselves who they feel had the best overall transformation.


This challenge was specifically chosen for 90 days because this is a way of life, not a 30 day deprive yourself of things only to re indulge on day 31, or to indulge mid-way through and feel as though you have fallen off the wagon and un able to return. Your coaches will be advocating the Paleolithic way of eating, however we are not setting any penalties Ie: if you choose to have a glass of wine that is a choice you make, but I bet the person on the other team isn’t going to do it.  This is all about keeping yourself accountable and having a team of support. How bad do you want it?





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