Sitting on my couch in-between cooking pancakes for the girls and watching them destroy the house with toys, I was thinking about how lucky and grateful I am.  I have such great people around me who allow me the opportunities to do all the things I love.  I have been visualizing over and over again in my head how Regionals will play out.  Each moment becomes more of a reality that training is done, and the competition is almost here.  Every year I work towards a goal to qualify for the CrossFit Games.  In the process, there are a lot of sacrifices on my part and my families.  I want to thank Chels for allowing me to train and pursue this goal.  She takes care of the things that would take time away from training, recovery, nutrition, and rest.

Normally, every year I train in the quiet and alone.  I tried to simulate and push myself to prepare for the stress of competition at Regionals which is an almost impossible task alone.  Last year Eric Irions jumped in & trained a good portion of the year with me and after that I realized I needed people around me. This year I tried to open up as much as possible to get people around me to attain the level at which I believed I could be.  There are so many people who stepped in…maybe once, or multiple times, to push me in workouts or just to encourage me.  I wanted to open 061 up in order to allow people to be apart of my journey as well as help me in it.  Every single person at 061 has been involved directly or indirectly in this journey.  From those training, yelling, cheering, or just nagging me.  You all keep things in perspective and allow me to smile everyday I walk in the gym.  In the classes, it allows me to step away from being an athlete and just enjoy watching everyone improve and helps remind me how fun CrossFit and our community is.  The process is hard and the training is long.  I put a lot into what I do and keep to myself about what that entails most days.  For some of you, training is something we talk about a lot, for others it rarely comes up but each person impacts how I am as an athlete and a business owner.

I started writing this without a plan and in doing so I can’t list out just a couple names but instead I want to tell the gym how thankful I am to have all of you.  I want to share in your successes as well as have you share in mine.  My goal is still the same, and on June 1st when I come home I want everyone to know that you all helped make my athletic career more meaningful with you cheering me on.  I will walk in no matter what smiling and excited to coach and train.  My life is so much better having all of you in it.  No words can describe how I feel when I get to work with all of you.   It may seem small but I want to Thank You ALL from the bottom of my heart.  I am better because of each and  every one of you, and now I want to kick butt at Regionals!


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